InterRegs Update Bulletin Issue No. 228
Welcome to the InterRegs Update Bulletin for May 2019.

This month's spotlight article covers the adoption of major revisions to UN ECE Regulations on Lamps and Reflectors. In our news section, we highlight an increase in coverage for the InterRegs Legislation Implementation Date database, which has been extended to include Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. We also recap our attendance at the 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting.
  This issue includes:
  • Regulations Spotlight: Major Revisions to UN ECE Regulations on Lamps and Reflectors Adopted
  • InterRegs News: LID Database extended to include CMVSS; 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting
  • New and Amended Regulations Summary
Regulations Spotlight
Major Revisions to UN ECE Regulations on Lamps and Reflectors Adopted

At its recent 177th session, the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) adopted three new United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE) Regulations on lamps and reflectors; Regulation No. 148 on light signalling devices, Regulation No. 149 on road illumination devices and Regulation No. 150 on retro-reflecting devices. These three new Regulations will replace 20 existing UN ECE Regulations on individual lamp and reflector types in an attempt to simplify the UN ECE requirements applicable to such products.

The summary article can be found in the Spotlight section of our website.

All three of these new draft Regulations, plus the 20 associated new draft Series of Amendments to existing Regulations, are available on InterRegs.NET for our ECE subscribers and is also available at

Summary provided by Nick Bowyer.
InterRegs News
LID Database Extended to Include Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

In response to customer feedback, the scope of the InterRegs Legislation Implementation Date (LID) database has now been extended to also cover the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

This means that in addition to the existing territory filters for the European Union, United Nations ECE and US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, customers can now filter their searches for forthcoming legislation implementation date information contained in the LID database to include, or specifically identify, implementation date information relating to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting

We were delighted to catch up with so many of our customers and colleagues at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting last month, where the favourable Spring weather in DC seemed to be appreciated by all. The event has moved back to January 22-24 for 2020, so we can expect a return to the usual wintery conditions then.

It was a pleasure to join Paul Mascarenas, 2019 President of SAE, in presenting Sue Bai from Honda R&D Americas, Inc. with her engraved trophy for winning the SAE/InterRegs Standards and Regulations Award 2019.

UK Public Holiday

InterRegs' offices will be closed on Monday 6 May and Monday 27 May due to public holidays in the UK.
InterRegs.NET New and Amended Regulations
Global Automotive Regulations
  • Argentina - 6 updates
  • Brazil - 6 updates
  • Chile - 1 update
  • China - 1 update
  • EC - European Union - 9 updates
  • ECE - United Nations - 86 updates
  • Germany - 5 updates
  • Great Britain - 3 updates
  • Iceland - 1 update
  • India - 6 updates
  • Ireland - Northern - 7 updates
  • Korea - 6 updates
  • Luxembourg - 1 update
  • New Zealand - 1 update
  • US - Federal - 2 updates
  • US States - 17 updates
  • Canada - Provinces - 4 updates
Mobile Construction Equipment
  • EC - European Union Legislation - 4 updates
  • European and International Standards - 11 updates
Non-Road Engine Emissions
  • Canada - 2 updates
  • Great Britain - 1 update
  • USA - 1 update
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