InterRegs Update Bulletin Issue No. 225
Welcome to the InterRegs Update Bulletin for February 2019.

This month's spotlight article highlights updates that have been published to both EU and UK Type Approval Requirements to cover Brexit. In our news section, we announce our participation at the 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting where we are exhibiting and also co-organising a Technical Session on Automated Driving Systems. We also highlight some of the enhancements we have made to the InterRegs.NET service over the past year.
  This issue includes:
  • Regulations Spotlight: Updates to EU and UK Type Approval Requirements Published to Cover Brexit.
  • InterRegs News: 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting; InterRegs.NET Service Enhancements
  • New and Amended Regulations Summary
Regulations Spotlight
Updates to EU and UK Type Approval Requirements Published to Cover Brexit

The UK's impending departure from the European Union will have implications on the application and acceptability of European Union type approvals issued to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, motorcycles, agricultural tractors, trailers, non-road mobile machinery and the systems and components of such vehicles. With the date on which the UK is due to leave the EU, 29th March 2019, rapidly approaching and the possibility of a "no deal Brexit" on the horizon, both the EU and UK governments have been working on amendments to their respective type approval requirements to cater for such a scenario.

The summary article can be found in the Spotlight section of our website.

The amended documents are on InterRegs.NET for our European Union and Great Britain subscribers and are also available at

Summary provided by Nick Bowyer.
InterRegs News
InterRegs exhibiting at the 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting

InterRegs will be participating in the 2019 SAE Government/Industry Meeting in Washington DC, from 3-5 April 2019. Charles Wright and Bob Pheiffer will be exhibiting at Booth 6 in the Walter E Washington Convention Center, showcasing our InterRegs.NET service.

We are also co-organising a Technical Session that covers testing and deployment of vehicles with Automated Driving Systems (i.e. systems at SAE Levels 3 through 5). The session (Code G101, Room 146 AB) will be on Wednesday, April 3 at 2.30pm and topics covered include:
  • The perspectives of State governments on AV.
  • An overview of SAE's own extensive standards development activities related to AV.
  • An update on international activities related to these systems.
  • Federal government activities related to safe deployment of cars and trucks with ADS and a survey of various efforts underway to develop safety tests for ADS.

InterRegs.NET Service Enhancements

The InterRegs.NET site launched back in 2006, and since then many enhancements have been made as a result of customer feedback. We continue to encourage this input from our users, and indeed some of the suggestions we received as a result of the recent InterRegs Customer Survey have been scheduled for development in 2019.

For your reference, here are just a few of the improvements we have made to the site during 2018:

Spotlight Links
The monthly spotlight articles remain a popular feature of our service. We now provide convenient links to any documents mentioned in an article under the "associated documents" section. And vice versa, documents also have a link to any spotlight article that references them.

China CNCA Documents
We have historically only included GB and GB/T Standards in our China service, but several customers told us they needed to refer to certain CNCA implementing regulations. As a result, the service has been expanded to include these key documents, including the main CNCA-C11-01:2014 framework document.

Date Formats
With a worldwide user base, the method of formatting dates within the InterRegs.NET database has the potential to be confusing for users from different regions. As such, the site will now format dates according to your web browser region settings. There is also an option to override this in the User Account Preference Settings where you can select from a list of popular international formats.

Drafts and Proposals in their Source Format
We have implemented a system whereby larger proposal and draft documents can be added to InterRegs.NET in their original source format, i.e. without converting them into the usual InterRegs format. This is being done to allow these documents to be added to InterRegs.NET more quickly, as the content of such documents is often time critical and converting drafts and proposals containing hundreds of pages into the InterRegs format can take some time.

This is just a few of the enhancements made, and many more are planned for 2019!
InterRegs.NET New and Amended Regulations
Global Automotive Regulations
  • Australia - 13 updates
  • Belgium - 2 updates
  • Brazil - 2 updates
  • China - 4 updates
  • EC - European Union - 7 updates
  • ECE - United Nations - 29 updates
  • Finland - 1 update
  • Great Britain - 4 updates
  • India - 3 updates
  • Italy - 1 update
  • Singapore - 1 update
  • Sweden - 1 update
  • US - Federal - 5 updates
  • US States - 32 updates
  • Canada - Provinces - 5 updates
Mobile Construction Equipment
  • EC - European Union Legislation - 4 updates
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