Regulation No. 65-00 Proposed Supplement 10

Name:Regulation No. 65-00 Proposed Supplement 10
Description:Special Warning Lamps. Proposed Supplement 10 to the 00 Series.
Official Title:Proposal for Supplement 10 to Regulation No.65 (Special Warning Lamps).
Country:ECE - United Nations
Date of Issue:2016-12-20
Amendment Level:Original
Number of Pages:5
Vehicle Types:Agricultural Tractor, Bus, Car, Component, Heavy Truck, Light Truck, Motorcycle, Trailer
Subject Categories:Drafts and Proposals (Historical)
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Text Extract:

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9.1.4. The competent authority which has granted type approval may at any time verify the
conformity control methods applicable to each production unit. In every inspection, the test books and production survey records shall be presented to the
visiting inspector. The inspector may take samples at random to be tested in the manufacturer's laboratory.
The minimum number of samples may be determined in the light of results of the
manufacturer's own checks. When the quality level appears unsatisfactory or when it seems necessary to verify the
validity of the tests carried out in the application of Paragraph above, the inspector
shall select samples, to be sent to the technical service which has conducted the type
approval tests, using the criteria of Annex 8. The competent authority may carry out any test prescribed in this Regulation. These tests
will be on samples selected at random without causing distortion of the manufacturer's
delivery commitments and in accordance with the criteria of Annex 8. The competent authority shall strive to obtain a frequency of inspection of once every two
years. However, this is at the discretion of the competent authority and their confidence in
the arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production. In the case
where negative results are recorded, the competent authority shall ensure that all necessary
steps are taken to re-establish the conformity of production as rapidly as possible.
9.2. Special warning lamps with apparent defects are disregarded.
9.3. The reference mark is disregarded."
Annex 8,
Paragraphs 2. to 4. and Figure 1, shall be deleted.
Insert new Paragraphs 2. to 6., to read:
"2. First Sampling
In the first sampling four special warning lamps are selected at random. The first sample of
two is marked A, the second sample of two is marked B.
2.1. The conformity of mass-produced special warning lamps shall not be contested if the
deviation of any specimen of samples A and B (all four lamps) is not more than 20%.
In the case that the deviation of both lamps of sample A is not more than 0% the
measurement can be closed.
2.2. The conformity of mass-produced special warning lamps shall be contested if the deviation
of at least one specimen of samples A or B is more than 20%.
The manufacturer shall be requested to bring their production in line with the requirements
(alignment), and a repeated sampling according to Paragraph 3. below shall be carried out
within two months' time after the notification The samples A and B shall be retained by the
Technical Service until the entire COP process is finished.

5. Approval Withdrawn
6. Rain Test
Approval shall be withdrawn according to Paragraph 10. of this Regulation.
One of the special warning lamps of sample A after sampling procedure in Paragraph 2. of
this Annex shall be tested according to the procedure described in Annex 4 of this
The special warning lamp shall be considered as acceptable if the test has passed.
However, if the test on sample A is not complied with, the two special warning lamps of
sample B shall be subjected to the same procedure and both shall pass the test"
Special Warning Lamps. Proposed Supplement 10 to the 00 Series.