Regulation No. 79-01 Proposed Supplement 5

Name:Regulation No. 79-01 Proposed Supplement 5
Description:Steering Equipment. Proposed Supplement 5 to the 01 Series.
Official Title:Proposal for Supplement 5 to the 01 Series of Amendments to Regulation No. 79 (Steering Equipment).
Country:ECE - United Nations
Date of Issue:2016-04-06
Amendment Level:Original
Number of Pages:7
Information:Provisional Date of Entry into Force: February 9, 2017
Vehicle Types:Bus, Car, Heavy Truck, Light Truck, Trailer
Subject Categories:Drafts and Proposals (Historical)
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Text Extract:

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Paragraph 5.1.5. amend to read:
"5.1.5. The effectiveness of the steering equipment, including the electrical control lines, shall
not be adversely affected by magnetic or electric fields. This shall be demonstrated by
fulfilling the technical requirements and respecting the transitional provisions of
Regulation No. 10 by applying:
The 03 series of amendments for vehicles without a coupling system for
charging the Rechargeable Electric Energy Storage System (traction batteries);
The 04 series of amendments for vehicles with a coupling system for charging
the Rechargeable Electric Energy Storage System (traction batteries)."
Add a new Paragraph 5.1.7., to read:
"5.1.7. Towing vehicles equipped with a connection to supply electrical energy to the steering
system of the trailer and trailers that utilise electrical energy from the towing vehicle to
power the trailer steering system shall fulfil the relevant requirements of Annex 7."
Paragraphs 5.1.7. to 5.1.10. (former), renumber as 5.1.8. to 5.1.11.
Insert a new Paragraph, to read:
" The requirements for the braking performance in Paragraphs and above
shall not apply if the braking system is such that in the absence of any energy reserve it
is possible with the service brake control to achieve the safety requirement for the
secondary braking system mentioned in:
Paragraph 2.2. of Regulation No. 13-H, Annex 3 (for M -, N -vehicles);
Paragraph 2.2. of Regulation No. 13, Annex 4 (for M -, M -, N-vehicles)."
Paragraph (former), renumber as
Annex 1,
Add a new Item 7., to read:
The towing vehicle is / is not
equipped with an electrical connector fulfilling the relevant
requirements of Annex 7
7.2. The maximum current available is .................................................................................. A "

2.1. Energy Supply
2.1.1. The vehicle manufacturer shall define the capacity of the energy source that will enable
the current defined in Paragraph 2.3. below to be available for the trailer during normal
operation of the vehicle.
2.1.2. The driver’s manual shall include information to advise the driver on the electrical energy
available for the trailer steering system and that the electrical interface shall not be
connected when the current requirement marked on the trailer exceeds that which can
be supplied by the towing vehicle.
2.1.3. The power supply provided by the connector referenced in Paragraph 2.5. below shall be
used for the powering of the trailer steering system. However, in all cases the provisions
of paragraph 3.3 below shall apply.
2.2. The Nominal Operating Voltage is 24V.
2.3. The maximum current supply available at the connector referenced in Paragraph 2.5.2.
below shall be defined by the towing vehicle manufacturer.
2.4. Protection of the Electrical System
2.4.1. The electrical system of the towing vehicle shall be protected from an overload or short
circuit in the supply to the trailer steering system.
2.5. Wiring and Connectors
2.5.1. The cables used to supply the trailer electrical energy shall have a conductor
cross-sectional area compatible with the continuous current defined in Paragraph 2.3.
2.5.2. Until a uniform standard has been defined the connector used to connect to the trailer
shall fulfil the following:
The pins shall have a current carrying capacity compatible with the maximum
continuous current defined in Paragraph 2.3. above;
Until uniform standards have been agreed the environmental protection of the
connector shall be appropriate to the application and included in the Annex 6
assessment; and
The connector shall not be interchangeable with an existing electrical connector
currently used on the towing vehicle i.e. ISO 7638, ISO 12098, etc.

3.6. Demonstration of the Operation of the Steering System
3.6.1. At the time of type approval the trailer manufacturer shall demonstrate to the Technical
Service the functionality of the steering system by fulfilling the relevant performance
requirements specified within the Regulation.
3.6.2. Failure Conditions: Under Steady State Conditions:
In the event of the trailer being coupled to a towing vehicle that does not have an
electrical supply for the trailer steering system, or there is a break in the electrical supply
to the trailer steering system or there is a failure in the electric control transmission of the
trailer steering control system it shall be demonstrated that the trailer fulfils all relevant
requirements of Paragraph 6.3. of the Regulation for the intact system. Under Transient Conditions
The transient behaviour of the vehicle in the case of failure within the electric control
transmission of the steering system shall be evaluated to ensure vehicle stability is
maintained during the transition following the failure and shall be assessed by fulfilling
the following:
(a) By applying the test procedure and requirements defined within Paragraph 6.3.1.
of the Regulation.
(b) By applying the test procedure and requirements defined within Paragraph 6.3.3.
of the Regulation.
3.6.3. If the trailer steering system utilises hydraulic transmission to operate the steering, the
requirements of Annex 5 shall apply.
3.7. Marking
3.8.1. Trailers equipped with a connector for the supply of electrical energy to the trailer
steering system shall be marked to include the following information:
The maximum current requirement for the trailer steering system as defined in
Paragraph 3.1. above.
The functionality of the trailer steering system including the impact on
manoeuvrability when the connector is connected and disconnected.
The marking shall be in indelible form and positioned so that it is visible when connecting
to the electrical interface referenced in Paragraph 3.3.2. above."
Steering Equipment. Proposed Supplement 5 to the 01 Series.