Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1167 - GB Version

Name:Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1167 - GB Version
Description:Emission Performance Standards For New Passenger Cars and for New Light Commercial Vehicles.
Official Title:GB Transposed Version of Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1167 of August 6, 2020 on the approval of the technology used in a 48V efficient motor-generator combined with a 48V/12V DC/DC converter for use in conventional combustion engine and certain hybrid electric passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as an innovative technology pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2019/631 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
Country:Great Britain
Date of Issue:2021-01-01
Amendment Level:S.I. 2020 No. 1418
Number of Pages:16
Vehicle Types:Car, Component, Light Truck
Subject Categories:Emissions and Fuel Consumption, 2020
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Emission Performance Standards For New Passenger Cars and for New Light Commercial Vehicles.