Decision No. D13/C/121

Name:Decision No. D13/C/121
Description:Emissions from Engines Fitted to Non-road Mobile Machinery.
Official Title:Measures against the Emission of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants from Internal Combustion Engines to be Installed in Non-Road Mobile Machinery, in conformity with the provisions of Directive 97/68/EC as amended by Directives 2001/63/EC, 2002/88/EC and 2004/26/EC of the Council, of August 17, 2001, December 9, 2002 and April 21, 2004 respectively.
Service:Non-Road Engine Emissions
Date of Issue:2007-01-24
Amendment Level:Amendment No. D13/C/1096/2014
Number of Pages:24
Subject Categories:Greece
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Emissions from Engines Fitted to Non-road Mobile Machinery.