Here's what some leading automotive and off-highway construction equipment companies have to say about using InterRegs' services:

"Jaguar Land Rover are pleased to be customers of InterRegs and particularly appreciate the service provided to consolidate the worldwide Automotive Regulations some of which are extremely fragmented in their native state. We have always found InterRegs to be reliable and to provide a flexible and personal service."

Jaguar Land Rover, UK

"We have been using the InterRegs Global Automotive Regulations for more than two decades. The benefit of your services is very appreciated by us because without the proper and timely knowledge of the regulations applicable to the construction of motor vehicles the automotive business cannot successfully operate. On the whole the information from InterRegs has become an inseparable part of our daily work."

Skoda Auto A.S, Czech Republic

"A methodical system in place with easy access and retrievability of Directives that is supported with good visible navigation. Overall a smooth system to operate which has helped me to obtain the information I have needed to accomplish my type approval compliance with the regulations laid down in the Directives."

Lunar Caravans Ltd, UK

"I am happy to confirm that I will continue to use InterRegs as my primary source of regulatory information and updates. I have used your services in the employment of large automotive manufactures and equipment suppliers for over 30 years and have found InterRegs to be a trusted and reliable source."

Quantitative Engineering Ltd, UK

"Thank you for all your help in the past and for the excellent job you do in consolidating the plethora of legislation we're all faced with these days."

Scania (GB) Ltd, UK

"I have to say that InterRegs provides us with an invaluable update service for our particular subscription countries and that the Update Bulletins are useful too. Wherever we need to order individual standards the service is always good and the InterRegs website is a good tool also, as is SelectRegs of course. Whenever we have queries with standards or spot any anomalies we always get a good response from the technical department and calls are always returned."

MIRA Ltd (Motor Industry Research Assoc), UK

"I have been using InterRegs for the last 18 years, initially with an employer who took a wide range of countries; I always found the product to be very usable and comprehensive. Since turning freelance I have had to watch the pennies, however I still use to obtain single regulations and find it a really effective method to keep up with the legislation for a small company."

McKenzie Auto Consulting Ltd, UK

"For us InterRegs is the more valuable solution to stay up to date on the various regulations of the automotive field. The use of this resource over time has always confirmed the quality of data, so I think is well given the trust of whoever uses it. The consultation is simple and fast, therefore it allows us to save time in good confidence of the results."

An Italian Design & Engineering Company

Here's what some of the previous winners have said about InterRegs and the SAE/InterRegs Standards and Regulations Award:

"I am very appreciative of the award and I am so very honored to have received it. I have the good fortune to work for a very good company now, LHP Software LLC, I had the good fortune to have worked for Cummins Inc where the work on standards and regulations occurred, had the good fortune to work with very accomplished industry representatives, and, had the good fortune to work with skillful regulators from around the world. What a wonderful opportunity this was for me."

Mark Stepper - LHP Software LLC, USA
2015 Award Winner

"I am delighted to have received this prestigious award from SAE and InterRegs. It has been a privilege to be associated with the Particle Measurement Programme, and to have made a contribution to the positive environmental impacts that result from the widespread use of diesel particulate filters."

Jon Andersson - Ricardo UK
2013 Award Winner

"I felt particularly honoured to receive the SAE/InterRegs Award because there are very few awards out there that uniquely recognize the accomplishment of those who are dedicated to developing standards and regulations."

Matthew W Spears - US Environmental Protection Agency
2008 Award Winner

"It is truly an honor to be named the winner of the 2014 SAE/InterRegs Standards and Regulations Award. I was really excited to learn that I won due to the fact that my work in the area of standards and regulations has been recognized at the highest caliber by two leading organizations (SAE and InterRegs). I was also humbled to win the award as I know that my name will now be added to a list of distinguished past winners."

Rami Debouk - GM Research & Development, USA
2014 Award Winner

"It is an honor to receive the SAE/InterRegs Standards & Regulations Award for Young Engineers. In the future I hope that more young engineers, even with just a few years' experience, will bring their fresh ideas and next-generation, real-world perspectives to the SAE standards committees to help further the advancement automotive safety."

Doug Longhitano - Honda R&D Americas Inc, USA
2011 Award Winner