With a 50 year history in the global automotive industry, InterRegs are pioneers in the field of regulations updating services and synonymous with quality, invaluable regulatory support. InterRegs.NET helps its clients keep up with regulatory changes in an easily accessible and cost-effective way - freeing up their technical and engineering resources to focus on their own roles more efficiently.

InterRegs have a long-standing relationship with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Our reputation for accurate, up-to-date, global vehicle regulations means that we were identified by SAE USA as a key strategic partner to provide regulatory information for their SAE Global Technology Library (GTL), a series of dedicated databases bringing together technical papers, industry standards, international regulations, news content and more.

At the annual SAE Government/Industry Meeting held in Washington DC, InterRegs are often organising technical sessions, and supporting the event.

We also sponsor the SAE/InterRegs Standards and Regulations Award, established by InterRegs in 2000, in conjunction with the SAE Foundation.

InterRegs are certified to ISO 9001:2015, giving you the assurance that we provide a quality service which is being continuously developed and improved, with our clients' needs and feedback in mind.

The InterRegs.NET library of global vehicle regulations contains in excess of 10,000 regulatory documents covering vehicle regulations for more than 50 countries and subjects around the world, all easily accessible via online subscription.

In an average year one third of the regulatory documents InterRegs provides are amended or updated - InterRegs continuously checks and updates the regulations for you, and sends you email alerts whenever specific regulations are updated.

Over 75% of the territories covered by InterRegs publish their regulations in a foreign language - InterRegs has professionally translated these into English for you.

All regulatory documents are available either on subscription basis (InterRegs.NET) or pay-as-you-go basis (SelectRegs.com) - whatever your budgets, and whatever the prevailing economic climate, keeping up with regulations is always an affordable option with InterRegs.