September 2018 | Spotlight

China Introduces Reduced Fuel Consumption Limits for Heavy Duty Vehicles

The Chinese government have recently published an updated version of the Chinese Standard specifying the maximum permissible fuel consumption limits for heavy duty vehicles. This updated standard, GB 30510-2018, specifies fuel consumption limits which are around 15% lower than the limits specified in the previous version of this Standard.

August 2018 | Spotlight

New EU Regulation on Heavy Duty Vehicle CO2 Emissions Monitoring Published

As part of the European Union's plans to implement a CO2 emissions reduction regime for heavy duty vehicles, on 9th July 2018, a new EU Regulation on the monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions from and fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles was published. This new Regulation, (EU) No. 2018/956, specifies the data that must be recorded by Member States and by heavy duty vehicle manufacturers and requires the submission of this data to the European Commission on an ongoing annual basis.

July 2018 | Spotlight

New EU Type Approval Framework Regulation Published

On 14th June 2018, the new EU Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles, EU Regulation No. 2018/858, was finally published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Whilst this new Regulation, which repeals and replaces 2007/46/EC, does not contain any significant changes to the technical requirements applicable to vehicles, systems and components, it does contain major revisions to the applicable processes and procedures and introduces numerous additional checks to ensure the robustness of the type approval process.