Consolidated Regulations

All of the Regulations contained in InterRegs.NET are up to date and fully consolidated.

Consistent Format

All of the documents contained in InterRegs.NET are PDF files, with bookmarks to allow quick and easy navigation around the document.

Professionally Translated

All regulations are translated into and published in English, in full, with no cutting, re-wording or interpretation of the text/illustrations - clients can be sure they are getting the full and complete information with no omissions.

Frequent Updates

Fast and frequent updating with all recent amendments clearly indicated and date-stamped.

Update Alerts

Users receive email alerts when their chosen documents are updated at InterRegs.NET, so they are able to keep up with those regulatory changes which specifically affect them or are relevant to their requirements.

Previous Versions

In addition to providing access to up to date and fully consolidated versions of regulations, InterRegs.NET also allows access to previous editions of the regulations where required.

User Friendly

All aspects of InterRegs.NET and its functionality have been designed to be user friendly and intuitive, and a number of features have been included on InterRegs.NET, such as customisable document views and adjustable user preferences, which allow the user to tailor the system to meet their individual needs.


Users can filter information by country, by subject category and/or by vehicle type allowing them to access the regulatory documents they need quickly and efficiently.

Filtering by Subject Category

Each of the regulations contained in InterRegs.NET has been classified by subject category (e.g. braking, driver's vision, occupant protection, etc.) allowing users to quickly identify regulations covering a specific subject.

Filtering by Vehicle Type

Each of the regulations contained in InterRegs.NET has been classified by vehicle type (i.e. Agricultural Tractor, Bus, Car, Component, Heavy Truck, Light Truck, Motorcycle, Trailer) allowing users to quickly identify the regulations affecting their vehicle type.

Intelligent Search

This powerful, accurate function uses InterRegs.NET's specialist automotive Thesaurus and the WordNet Thesaurus, making searches across entire regulatory documents, countries or subjects easy.


This function allows users to access the regulations they refer to most frequently via quick links.

Create a ZIP Package

Enables users to quickly and easily select and download groups of documents for offline use when away from the InterRegs.NET site, giving them access to their regulations even when they do not have access to the internet.

Flexible Subscription Options

Our clients' changing technical and budgetary needs are catered for with 12-month or 6-month subscriptions; single-user, multi-user or corporate subscription options are available; subscribe by country (eg. EC Directives, US FMVSS) or by subject area (eg. Emissions, Occupant Protection).

Legislation Implementation Dates Database

As added value InterRegs.NET includes free, instant access to our unique Legislation Implementation Dates Database, which contains all the essential, forthcoming implementation dates relating to when new or revised EC, ECE or FMVSS regulations come into effect.

InterRegs Update Bulletin

A free monthly summary of recent global regulatory changes, including a Spotlight article focussing on a major or topical regulation, emailed to you each month.

InterRegs IT Support

There is a permanent Support section on the website consisting of an InterRegs.NET Knowledgebase including FAQs; any problems you might have can easily be logged here too, and InterRegs Support will get back to you promptly.