June 2017 | Spotlight

Amendments to EU Requirements on Access to Repair and Maintenance Information Proposed

At a Technical Committee - Motor Vehicles (TCMV) meeting on 11th May 2017, the European Commission presented draft amendments to both the light duty vehicle and heavy duty vehicle emissions Regulations to update the requirements on the access to repair and maintenance information (RMI). The proposed changes would require RMI information to be provided in accordance with the technical specifications of the latest ISO standard on this subject, ISO 18541, and require usage of the SERMI scheme for the accreditation, approval and authorisation of independent operators requiring access to information on vehicle security features.

May 2017 | Spotlight

Draft Indian Standard on New Mandatory Safety Features Published

In October 2016, the Indian Ministry of Transport and Highways published a proposal to mandate the fitment of speed warning devices, safety belt reminders, manual overrides for central locking systems, driver's air bags and vehicle reverse parking alert systems to M1 category vehicles, i.e. passenger cars and multipurpose passenger vehicles. Since then, the Indian Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) have been drafting a new Indian Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) to cover the technical requirements for these systems and, on 6th April 2017, a draft version of this new AIS was published.

May 2017 | News

InterRegs at SafetyExpo 2017 in Germany

We will be at the Safety Expo, 16-18 May at the Stadthalle Aschaffenburg in Germany!