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InterRegs are the premier online resource for up-to-date, global vehicle safety and emissions regulations. If you are an OEM, an automotive component manufacturer or a supplier to the vehicle manufacturing industry, you don't have to struggle to search for up-to-date vehicle regulations - InterRegs does all that for you. We also translate all the documents into English and constantly keep them updated.

Global Automotive Regulations
Mobile Construction Equipment Regulations
Non-Road Engine Emission Regulations

InterRegs.NET, our online updating service, helps the automotive industry keep up with ever changing regulations in an easily accessible and cost-effective way.

We cover the automotive regulations for sixty countries and subjects, all held in an extensive database of over 8,000 regulatory documents, totalling close to half a million pages. This includes regulatory information on vehicle emissions, vehicle noise, occupant protection, pedestrian protection, type approval/certification and more. We also cover off-highway construction equipment regulations and non-road engine emission regulations.

In an average year approximately 30% of the regulatory information we provide changes due to government amendments, proposals or new issues - we keep track of all these changes for you, allowing you to use your technical, engineering resources more efficiently and effectively during your product development cycle.

Our online regulation service is used by vehicle homologation engineers, vehicle certification and vehicle type-approval departments worldwide. We also assist vehicle design, engineering, testing, regulations and R&D departments.

Whether you require passenger car regulations, bus regulations, motorcycle regulations, truck regulations or off-highway regulations, InterRegs can help you save time and money searching.

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