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Nov 2021

EU Requests Comments on Proposal to Expand the Scope of EU Regulation No. 2017/2400

The European Commission have recently published a draft Regulation containing proposed amendments to EU Regulation No. 2017/2400 on the determination of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles for comment. This draft Amending Regulation, referred to as Ares (2021) 6293665, proposes an expansion to the scope of the Regulation to include goods vehicles with a maximum laden mass between 5,000 and 7,500kg and buses and coaches with a maximum laden mass exceeding 7,500kg. It also proposes the introduction of new provisions to cater for the approval of hybrid and full electric vehicles. The closing date for interested parties to submit comments to the European Commission on this draft Implementing Regulation, via the European Commission's "Better Regulation" web site, is November 12, 2021.

This draft Amending Regulation is available on InterRegs.NET for our EC subscribers and is also available at