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Dec 2021

FHWA Request Information on EV Charging Infrastructure

On November 29, 2021 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published in the Federal Register (Vol. 86 No. 226; Docket No. FHWA-2021-0022) a Request for Information (RFI). To address the climate crisis, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests in the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures. Through a National Electric Vehicle Formula Program (EV Charging Program), the law provides funding to States for deploying EV charging infrastructure and interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access, and reliability. Also included are hydrogen, propane, and natural gas fueling infrastructure along designated alternative fuel corridors or in certain other locations that are accessible to all drivers of such vehicles. The law directs DOT, in coordination or consultation with the Department of Energy (DOE), to develop guidance for both programs. FHWA is especially interested in comments suggesting ways that the guidance could promote equity in the deployment of EV charging infrastructure. Comments are requested to be submitted by January 28,2022, but FHWA indicated that comments submitted later would be considered to the extent practicable.