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May 2023

EU Requests Comments on Proposed New Regulation on Non-Road Mobile Machinery

On March 31, 2023, the European Commission published a proposal for a new Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of non-road mobile machinery circulating on public roads for public comment. This proposed Regulation, COM(2023) 178 Final, lays down harmonised technical requirements and administrative procedures for the EU type approval and placing on the market of non-road mobile machinery intended to circulate on public roads, and also specifies rules on the market surveillance of such machinery.

Although there are already a number of EU Directives and Regulations covering the design and construction of non-road mobile machinery, the requirements for such machinery whilst occasionally circulating on public roads, e.g. moving from one work site to another, are currently specified within National legislation and are not harmonised at a European Union level.Therefore, the intention of this proposed Regulation is to establish rules on the road safety of such machinery that are harmonised at a European Union level.

Essentially, this proposed Regulation is an equivalent to "framework" Regulations (EU) 2018/858 covering motor vehicles and their trailers, (EU) No. 168/2013 covering two and three wheeled vehicles and (EU) No. 167/2013 covering agricultural and forestry tractors, and many of the provisions included within it are based on these Regulations.

The closing date for interesting parties to submit comments to the European Commission on this propsed Regulation, via the European Commission's "Better Regulation" web site, is May, 26 2023.

This proposed Regulation is available on InterRegs.NET for our EC, Mobile Construction Equipment and Non-Road Engine Emissions subscribers and is also available at